Corsetry & Couture, Cape Town

All of our garments are unique and hand-crafted according to your specification.

Browse our gallery for inspiration or choose a style from our catalogue. Let us know if you wish to add any extras or customize the design. We are more then happy to create something special based on your own ideas.

Our corsets are constructed using the highest quality steel components and finest corsetry fabrics.

We take into consideration the physique of each client to ensure their corset is the right style, comfortable and yet creates the attractive hourglass silhouette.

A Bespoke Corset

Our corsets are made according to your unique body measurements. A corset mock up and few personal fittings are required to ensure perfect fit, before the corset is constructed.

Due to our experience we now offer a remote mock up fittings for clients who don't reside in Cape Town. Do contact us for more information about this service.



Corset belt: from R 2500

Cincher: from R 3800

Under-Bust Corset: from R 4500

Mid-Bust Corset: from R 5500

Over-Bust Corset: from R 6000

Other styles (stays, corset dresses): price on request.


Posture Collar: from R 700

Matching Bra: from R 750

Boleros, gloves, skirts etc: price on request


Modesty Panel: R 350

External Bone Casing: from R 400

Double Boning (recommended for plus sizes and waist training): from R 500

Flossing: from R 50 per pair

Corset Liners/Vests: R 300 (set of two)

Detachable garters, lace appliqué, lace overlay, crystals etc.: price on request.


Prices vary according to design specifications, email us for a quote:

Ready To Wear

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