About Us, Secret Garden Corsetry

Secret Garden is a small bespoke company based in Cape Town.

We specialize in high quality corsetry, couture gowns and tailored apparel. Our garments are characterized by beautiful silhouettes and exquisite detailing, inspired by times gone by.

Secret Garden was founded in 2009 by Lenka Hendriksz and Cathy Davy. After many years of friendship and work in the fashion industry, their passion for corsetry became the focus of their creative efforts, and Secret Garden was born.

Cathy and Lenka are dedicated to make the process of creating a custom piece enjoyable.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we create the garment of their dreams. We can accommodate clients of any size, shape or gender. Thanks to our remote fitting service, we can also cater for long distance clients.

Secret Garden strives to improve their standards of craftsmanship at every opportunity. We never turn down a challenge, and choose to continue advancing our skills in this very special niche.

What Some Of Our Clients Say

"I am extremely pleased with my corset! After regular wear and proper seasoning it is even more comfortable than before and shows absolutely no sign of wear and tear. I can now completely close the corset very comfortably and I have been able to wear it both over and under various outfits. So I am a very happy customer and wanted to give you an update on this exquisite corset! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it!"

"I absolutely love my corset! It's stunning and I feel like million bucks in it! You are real artists."

"Love your work, can't tell you how many comments I had that evening about the costume... I think it was everyone's favourite!"

"From the moment I put my corset on, I felt beautiful. I think all women should own a corset, as it is an article of clothing which celebrates the feminine."

"Oh my word, it's absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow."

"W said to say Thank YOU - he is very happy. And I fully agree - it is a beautiful garment. You are truly masters of your art."

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